Hiring a Bagpiper to Play at These Key Times during a Funeral

Perhaps no other instrument can add a special feel to a funeral service in the same way as the bagpipes. For many people, this instrument is synonymous with funerals. If you're planning a family member's funeral and you feel that having a bagpiper present would be appropriate, you'll want to reach out to a local musician who has experience playing at funerals. They'll be able to provide you with some audio clips of their work, which can help you to feel confident about hiring them. A bagpiper can play at several key times during your loved one's funeral, including during the following moments.

As People Arrive

It's often appropriate to have some type of music in the background when people arrive for the funeral service. Music will help to make people feel more at ease as they take their seats. Without music, every movement of a chair or sniffle can sound loud in a quiet room. You may want to have your bagpiper play a few tunes as people enter the venue and sit down, whether you're having the funeral at a funeral home, in a church, or even outdoors.

As The Casket Departs

One of the most poignant moments in any funeral service is when the casket departs. While there are all sorts of different ways that this can happen, it's common for a funeral director or member of the clergy to lead several pallbearers out of the venue as they push the casket on a cart. This is an emotional time for everyone, and adding bagpipe music at this time can make the moment feel even more special. Figure out how long it will take for the pallbearers to depart with the casket, and then talk to your bagpiper about performing a song that lasts the same amount of time.

At The Burial

If you're having a burial immediately after the funeral service, you may want to talk to your bagpiper about playing at the cemetery. One option is to have them play as the casket gets lowered into the ground. This is another highly emotional moment that somber bagpipe music can complement. Given that you'll be in an open space, you'll have the ability to choose whether you want the bagpiper to play within close proximity or stand farther away so that the music sounds quieter at this moment.

Reach out to a funeral bagpiper in your area to learn about their services.