4 Ways Speed Painters Are Ideal For Charity Events

If you're hosting a charity event, chances are that one of your main goals is to raise as much money as possible. One way to do this is through the use of speed painter entertainment. Speed painters come with many advantages for charity events and can help boost the amount of money you raise for specific causes.

Keep reading to learn exactly why a speed painter is an ideal option for any type of charity event.

1. Selling Paintings

Not only will guests get to see paintings made within minutes by speed painter entertainment, but you have the chance to sell off the paintings, with proceeds going directly to charity. The paintings can sell for a set price or you can offer auction-style bidding on the paintings. 

An auction can help increase profits and will give you an idea of the most-sought-after painting subjects.

2. Live Entertainment

Along with music, meals, and socializing, a speed painter gives a charity event some live entertainment to enjoy and watch. The crowd will be entertained watching the painting process and seeing all of the different creations come to life. The pacing and style of the painting offers a lot of excitement, especially as people guess which creations the painter is making.

Speed painting is an ideal way to start off an event, as the rest of the time can be used to purchase paintings and raise money with other methods.

3. Social Media Posts

The live performance of a speed entertainer can draw a lot of interest for people looking to create unique social media posts. When posting about the event, guests may tag the charity in the post to help gain more exposure online.

The increased views of the painter will help put the spotlight on the charity so you can get donations from people who didn't even attend the event. Long after the event ends, the social media posts can help highlight the charity and you may use some of the media for social media posts of your own.

4. Repeat Performances

One of the biggest advantages of a speed painter is the wide range of paintings available. When you hire a painter for a second charity event, the entertainer can showcase different paintings to provide people with a whole new experience.

You can make the event an annual part of your charity efforts to help raise money for others. 

Book a speed painter well ahead of time to help schedule and plan for proper availability.